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NuLean Weight Loss Cleanse

Today it is the lower economic classes who are more overweight. This is because they often consume more processed foods (if you can call soft drinks and pastries “foods”), many of which are riddled with fat producing toxins (preservatives, colorings, cleaning chemicals, etc.).

Toxins suppress the body’s metabolism so that it converts food to energy at a slower rate. Couple that with inactivity and the consumption of excess calories and you have a recipe for disaster. This is the state many Americans are in today.

NuLean is designed to help people cleanse harmful toxins out of their bodies and regain not only their naturally lean bodies, but also the health and vitality they deserve.

NuLean is designed to:
* Detoxify your system
* Decrease cravings
* Provide energy
* Help you lose weight

My job as a doctor is to treat the entire body and put it in optimal health, which includes its optimal weight.
*I use the NuLean Cleanse to detoxify the body of impurities.
*I use chiropractic treatment to remove stress on nerves in the body.
*I recommend dietary and lifestyle changes based on each person’s individual needs.

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Dr Kentia Jean Charles

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